Our Sunday Service starts at 10 am and is followed by fellowship.

  • This Sunday, July 2nd we will pay tribute to the annual Fourth of July celebration. There will be special music by Rebecca Moore. This month we are moving on to the next power we will be focusing on which  is WISDOM. The talk title is “Our Power of Spiritual Discernment”. This is the 7th power of the 12 as discerned by co-founder Charles Fillmore. When we are able to activate these innate powers, our lives become easier to navigate. We will also celebrate birthdays and anniversaries after service, so I hope you will consider joining us at 10 AM.  Blessings, Rev. Donna.
  • NEW WORKSHOP OPPORTUNITY: Saturday, July 8th, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. Miriam McCarron will present a workshop entitled, “Truth is in Prayer.”Prayer is simple and easy, yet so many people refuse to be still long enough to listen to the stirrings of the most pure essence of Love. Why would one not want this? It’s simply a matter of choice.  In prayer, God fills your heart. Come celebrate the LIFE that is inherent in the hidden recesses of the mind, body and Spirit. Change your tune to a higher knowing, let the stillness permeate you to the very core!” Presented on a love offering basis!
  • Beginning July 11- August 28th, Gentle Yoga will be taught on Monday evenings from 5:30-6:30 pm by Angel Loflin, certified instructor. This class is for all levels, especially beginners! There is no fee attached but a love offering will be accepted benefiting the church.
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  • DRUM CIRCLE will be back on Friday evening, July 21st at 6:30 PM. Linda Howe will guide us through a fun evening of beats, songs and rhythms. You need not own a drum, as she will have some to share. Just come join in the fun! It’s sure to lift you out of any less than fun mood you may be experiencing! 
  • Join Matt Loflin, Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner, who will lead a guided meditation at 6:00 pm Wednesday for MEDITATION for 30 minutes by Master Choa. Feel the power in creating this energy of healing and balance for ourselves and the world!
  • Missed a Sunday service? No need to worry, Just click on “Video/Message Archive” and watch it right here on our website! 
  • Join us and meet a new friend! All are welcome here!
 See you all very soon!

Rev. Donna