Our Ministry


To Grow Spiritually and Inspire Love and Peace.


We Celebrate a Spiritually Awakened World that Empowers All.


Spirit Led Centered in God, we let spirit guide our way. 1)    I take life’s challenges and celebration into my prayer practice

2)    I have a daily spiritual practice

3)    I listen and follow the guidance of spirit.

1)    We teach Unity Principles

2)    We begin all our gatherings with prayer

3)    We put God 1st & celebrate life.

Love We live in harmony as we honor the divinity within ourselves and each other. 1)    I accept people as they are.

2)    I want the best for others.

3)    I listen with empathy.

4)    I have compassion.

5)    I am considerate.

1)    We actively express love thru sacred service.

2)    We develop a consciousness of love through our actions, programs and opportunities for service.

3)    Our YFM support our children in experiencing themselves as The Perfect creation of God that they are.


Inclusive We embrace all people as expressions of God 1)    I acknowledge & respect all faith & beliefs.

2)    I am compassionate and considerate of all.

3)    I actively connect with others by seeing the Christ within.

1)    We welcome all people as part of our community

2)    Embrace diversity and foster authentic relationships.

3)    We provide the tools to demonstrate the consciousness of oneness.

Peace Freedom from disturbance; Quiet & serene, serenity, calmness, ease 1)    I know who I am and stand in my truth.

2)    Move thru life with ease & serenity.

3)    I respond calmly.

1)    We provide a safe space for spiritual growth.

2)    We work together for the common good.

3)    We embrace our differences.

Prosperity Awareness of Spiritual abundance that provides for every need. 1)    I acknowledge that God is my Source.

2)    I joyfully give and receive.

3)    I Give to where I am spiritually fed.

1)    We teach prosperity principles

2)    We bring people into the conscious awareness of prosperous living.

3)    We Put God 1st and celebrate life.