Our Board of Trustees

Mary Celestine Curtis, President

A Graduate of Marymount Junior College Arlington VA, Mary also attended the University of Florida at Gainesville for 2 years, studying Architecture and Interior Design. She has studied Tai Chi since 2009 and became certified in teaching Tai Chi for Better Balance to Seniors. Mary currently teaches at South Port Square in Port Charlotte Florida. Her passion in life right now is teaching and studying Tai Chi, cruising, boating, riding her motorcycle with her husband of 7 years, Richard Curtis, and spending time with her three wonderful children and seven amazing grandchildren.

Mary has been a member of Unity Church of Peace since 2014 and a member of the board since 2016.


Diane Clark, Vice President

Diane was introduced to metaphysics and affirmative prayer at Unity by the Shore in Neptune, New Jersey. After taking the 4T class, and committing to tithing, she experienced a multitude of blessings, one of which was meeting her beloved husband Tom! Diane was honored to be of service on Unity by the Shore’s board and served on other area boards, as well, including being President of the New Jersey State Nurse’s Association.

After 45 years of nursing practice she retired to Venice, Florida where, in 2015, she married Tom at Unity of Venice. Their desire to be fed spiritually eventually led them to Unity of Peace, where she feels blessed to serve as a member of the board, with Rev. Donna as their spiritual way-shower.



Vickie Edwards, Secretary

A graduate of Cincinnati State College and Thomas Moore College, Vickie retired from her position as Senior Regulatory Compliance Manager in 2015 and moved to Florida with her partner Kent Hutchings. She discovered Unity Church of Peace on a bike ride one sunny morning and, after attending a handful of Sunday services, knew she had finally found her spiritual home.  Following completion of the required classes, she and Kent became members. Shortly thereafter, Vickie had the opportunity to join the Board of Trustees and has enjoyed supporting the church in this capacity ever since. Her interests include pastel painting, cooking, reading, camping, travel, visiting and keeping in touch with her lifelong friends and family in Cincinnati and Chicago, and having fun with Kent and friends here.


Renee Peters, Treasurer

Renee has been a new thought seeker for all of her adult life. Born in New York City, she moved to California to attend UCLA and later became an attorney.  In her thirties, Renee moved to Vermont, married, and started a family. There she continued her spiritual journey until in 2004, at which time she moved to Florida and found Unity. Renee was previously on the Board at UCOP, as Treasurer, and looks forward to serving in this role again in her new term. Renee believes that service is the best gift she can give to others and to herself.


John Krueger, Trustee.

John, a retired Manager of Engineering Services at Walt Disney World,  and his wife of 48 years, Vivian, were previously members of Unity of Clermont before moving to our area. They enrolled in membership classes in January of 2020 but, due to Covid-19, were unable to complete their classes and become full members until November 2021. Having served as Board President at Unity of Clermont, John brings exceptional skills and experience to the UCOP Board. John and Vivian both look forward to training and serving on the UCOP Prayer Team.




David Wesley Beard, Trustee

David discovered Unity in 1975 and immersed himself in Unity classes and workshops at Unity of Syracuse, including three trips to Unity Village for additional training. He is currently on track to become a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT).

Before moving to Florida and serving on the UCOP Board, David served two terms as Treasurer on the Unity of Syracuse Board of Trustees. At Unity of Syracuse David also served as groundskeeper and flower gardener, a job he continues to enjoy at Unity Church of Peace, in addition to serving as a member of UCOP’s Prayer Team.


Ralph Temple, Alternate Trustee

Florida has been my primary residence since 2004. Metaphysics is a fundamental perspective for me, having been a Christian Scientist for a significant part of my life. After five to six years of church shopping (and people at UCOP asking me if I was a snowbird), I decided it was time to get moving and become a member. My wife Cheryl and I joined together and now UCOP is definitely our spiritual home. I have served as a Prayer Chaplain for two years, which has furthered my spiritual growth and sense of belonging. I consider being an Alternate Trustee a commitment that adds to my spiritual growth.