Our Sunday Service starts at 10 am and is followed by fellowship.

  • Sunday, May 1, the talk title is  “Appearances Can Be Deceiving!” I want to explore with you the ideas around seeing with our spiritual eyes versus our physical eyes. These concepts will flow into a discussion about consciousness and how it determines all of our experiences! I hope you will join us for the workshop Saturday afternoon at 1 pm to Discover your Spiritual Gifts!
  • May 7th, 1-4 “Take Charge of Your Health!  Sound Healing.  8 Healing Sounds of Yin Style BaGua.”  FIRST TIME EVER OFFERED IN PORT CHARLOTTE. Workshop given by Dr. David A. Miller, acupuncturist, AP, MSTOM, Lac & RM. Associate Professor College of East/West Natural Medicine.  Love offering.  PLEASE RSVP via email to Mary Curtiss:
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  • Wednesday mornings from 10-11:30 is the book study, The Placebo Effect by Dr. Joe Dispenza, so join in! 
  • Join us at 6:00 pm Wednesday for MEDITATION for 30 minutes. Following meditation and Reike, if you so choose, we will enjoy refreshments and discuss energy healing topics.
  • Saturday, April 30th, join us as we discover our Spiritual Gifts; our soul prints, and reconnect with our True Self. This workshop will be 1-4 pm and is offered on a love offering basis. Rev. Eileen Ramsey from California and Cathy Schwanke, LUT from Texas are the presenters!
  • Join us and meet a new friend! All are welcome here!
 See you all very soon!

Rev. Donna


Classes and Meditations

  • Monday 4 p.m., Concentrative Meditation with Linda Weser.
  • Wednesday Mornings 10-11:30: “You are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  • Wednesday Evening 6:00 p.m. Meditation in the Sanctuary.